Concentric Neutral Resistance Tester the Ω – Check ®

How many neutral strands are broken? Tests live cables.

OCK Series

The OCK Series  Ω-Check® Concentric Neutral Resistance Tester is a unique product, available only from HVI. Neutral integrity is vital to maintaining a stable and safe distribution system. The Ω-Check® injects an AC current, up to 30 amps, through the neutral of a live cable. The voltage drop across the neutral is measured. The machine calculates the neutral resistance and compares it to the ideal resistance, revealing the total percentage of the neutral remaining, along with power factor, resistance, and other data. It is a necessary tool for prioritizing cable replacement and/or rejuvenation and for solving stray voltage and current hazards.


Why check the neutral? 

In addition to the obvious necessity of the neutrals’ integrity to carry return and fault currents and to deliver coordinated over-current system protection, the quality of the neutrals must be confirmed to ensure the accuracy and integrity of Partial Discharge or Tan Delta diagnostic testing measurements, as well as making sure enough neutral exists before spending time and money on cable injection or rejuvenation to extend the insulation life.


How many neutral strands are broken? Tests live cables.