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Date(s)  Location  Event  Website
Mar 7-9 Dubai, UAE Middle East Energy  Middle East Energy 2023
Mar 9 Orlando, FL PowerTest/NETA  PowerTest 2023
Apr 24-27 Birmingham, AL ENSC  ENSC 2023
June 12-15 Rome, IT CIRED  CIRED 2023
June 25-27 National Harbor, MD EASA  EASA
Sept 26-28 Louisville, KY The Utility Expo 2023  Utility Expo 2023
Sept 30- Oct 2 Philadelphia, PA NECA  NECA 2023

Note: The above dates and locations are tentatively scheduled for live events. Due to COVID impact, some of these events may move online into VIRTUAL events, as indicated above. We will update accordingly as we learn more in 2022.

Latest Newsletter – Q2 2023

Springing Forward in 2023!

April 2023

Here in Upstate New York, the weather is starting to warm up! There are buds starting to show on the trees, the birds are back singing, and the days get longer each week. You can smell the barbeque grills getting lit up more regularly, and one or two of us might have have hit the golf course already.

We’re always super excited this time of year, as the season represents a return of promise and enthusiasm. We’re excited to continue our resumed travel schedule over the next few months, and we hope to see you at a trade show or two!

What are YOU most excited about for in the Spring ? Send us an email or drop a comment on one of our social media channels!


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