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Upcoming Events


Date(s)  Location  Event  Website
Feb 26-27 Dallas, TX NETA/Powertest  PowerTest2024
Mar 19-21 Brno, Czech Republic Amper Fair  Amper 2024
Apr 9-11 Tacoma, WA NWPPA  NWPPA 2024
Apr 15-18 Colorado Springs, CO ENSC/Eaton  Eaton ENSC 2024
Apr 16-18 Dubai, UAE Middle East Energy  Middle East Energy 2024
May 6-9 Anaheim, CA IEEE T&D  IEEE T&D 2024
May 7-9 Hull, MA NEPPA  Rod E&O 2024
June 23-26 Las Vegas, NV EASA  Solutions Expo 2024
Aug 25-30 Paris, France CIGRE  CIGRE 2024
Aug 28-31 Jakarta, Indonesia Electric & Power Indonesia Electric & Power Indonesia 2024
Sep 28-Oct 1 San Diego, CA NECA   NECA 2024
Nov 5-8 Madrid, Spain Matelec  Matelec 2024

Note: The above dates and locations are tentatively scheduled for live events. Due to COVID impact, some of these events may move online into VIRTUAL events, as indicated above. We will update accordingly as we learn more in 2024.

Latest Newsletter – Q1 2024

Welcome to 2024!

February 2024

Brrrrr! January and February are traditionally the 2 coldest months of the year here in upstate NY. We haven’t seen as much snow lately as in years past, but those temperatures sure still can drop at night. It was Groundhog’s Day just a week or so ago and we supposedly have an early spring in store for us this year, so fingers crossed!

Until then, the early winter of a new year is a perfect time to bunker down, plan, and prepare for all that’s heading your way in the coming months. We’ve got big plans this year and a steady travel schedule.

What are YOUR deep winter habits? Send us an email or drop us a comment on one of our social media channels!


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