Component/Production Testing

With system reliability being the main focus of most of the world’s electric utilities, more proactive testing is being conducted on the individual components that together form our electrical grid. Typical simple tests for these components include AC withstand and DC withstand, where a voltage is applied and leakage current is measured to determine the health of the insulation and to verify a functional design. In some instances, diagnostic tests such as insulation resistance, power factor, and partial discharge are performed to obtain a more detailed understanding of the insulation’s integrity as the device under test is electrically stressed.

High Voltage, Inc. produces a range of production type test equipment to address these needs, including a full line of custom high power AC dielectric test sets for high current and ASTM D149 applications and benchtop hipots for AC and DC testing.

AC Dielectric Test Sets

Benchtop AC Hipots

Benchtop DC Hipots