OEM Power Supplies

Do you need a high voltage power supply or the HV section from a hipot to build your own test set? Are you an OEM manufacturing electrical apparatus that operates at 13.8 kV AC or higher that needs production testing before shipping? Maybe you’re building a mobile hot stick and rubber glove testing van and need a 50 kV AC @ 10 kVA power supply driven by you own controller. If you’re producing imaging machines, you may need a 100 kV DC isolation transformer. HVI can produce almost any power supply or transformer up to 300 kV AC or 600 kV DC up to 40 kVA.

High Voltage, Inc. designs and produces its own transformers and oil-filled high voltage tanks, or power supplies, for use in its own products and for sale individually to OEMs that need a transformer or power supply component. Isolation transformers are also available. HVI has comprehensive facilities for winding, vacuum impregnation, and baking transformers. We design and produce many of our own HV steel tanks for oil-filled supplies high voltage output terminations for these supplies, some corona-free. HVI is a well-equipped, vertically integrated manufacturer of these components.

High voltage DC power supplies

  • PPD Series

High voltage AC power supplies

  • TPFT Series

Isolation Transformers

  • ITO Series