AC & DC HV Power Supplies & Isolation Transformers

PPD Series, TPTS Series, TPFT Series, ISO Series

The PPD Series and TPTS Series DC and the TPFT Series  AC output high voltage tanks are designed for HV Dielectric or Withstand testing of electrical apparatus or materials. Many are like those used in HVI standard models and many are custom made. Nearly any voltage and current rating design can be produced up to our size constraints, approximately 400 kV and 40 kVA.

Many models of AC voltage supplies can be designed to be <10 Pico coulombs in corona output, relatively “PD free” for use in Partial Discharge testing.


High Voltage Isolation Transformers

The ITO Series are high voltage isolation transformers designed for protective electro/magnetic isolation of sensitive loads from line voltage disturbances, up to 100 kV of isolation.