CDS Series & VT Series

HVI offers several Cable Fault Locator products from medium range to high powered models to serve all UDR and Network Systems applications. For complete testing and fault locating on cables rated to 25 kVac, the VT33 combination 0.1 Hz. VLF and thumper model is available.






CDS Series

The CDS Series of Cable Fault Locators are full featured, powerful thumpers designed to offer all the tools needed for efficient fault locating: Controlled Energy with multiple output voltage levels, the highest Fault Burn currents, internal TDR/Radar interface filters, even built-in VLF output is available. A complete and powerful fault finder for URD and Network Systems, not a mini thumper or a ½ thumper like so many. All the accessories are among the best available: cable reels, TDR/Radar, listening/pinpointing devices, acoustic/magnetic fault pinpointing instruments, and more. Three models are available:

Model: CDS-2010U

Hipot/Discharge: 0 – 5/10/20 kVdc
Hipot/Burn Current: 400/200/100 mAdc
Energy/Joules: 1000 Joules
TDR/Radar: Filter included, TDR Ready

Model: CDS-3616U & CDS-3632U

Hipot/Discharge: 0 – 9/18/36 kVdc
Hipot/Burn Current: 280/140/70 mAdc
Energy/Joules: 1600 @ 3200 Joules
TDR/Radar: Filter included, TDR Ready


VT Series: VLF & Thumper Combination

The VT Series offers a unique, extremely versatile, and economical VLF/Thumper Combination package. VLF AC Hipot cables, burn cable Faults, and locate faults with portable package. Ideal for NETA & NECA Testing Contractors, industrials, and URD utility systems

Model: VT33

Hipot/Discharge: 0 – 33 kVac, 0.1 Hz. to 1.0 uF load
Hipot/Burn Current: VLF Burn Mode
Energy/Joules: 0 – 13 kVdc @ 850 joules
TDR/Radar: Filter included, TDR Ready

Custom Van or Truck Mount Package

The SKD Series integrates all the cable testing and fault locating products needed into one package designed for your vehicle needs. Can include: VLF AC Hipot, with Diagnostic accessories, Thumper, TDR/Radar, Cable Reels. Fault Pinpointer, DC Hipot, etc. Refer to the Cable Testing & Fault Locating Custom Engineered Package file for more info.

Accessories for Cable Fault Locating

HVI offers all the accessories needed to make your fault-finding efforts as efficient and easy as possible. Use nearly any TDR/Radar model to connect to the internal arc reflection and CIM filters provided, Depending on thumper model and cable network application and design, choose from several Listening Devices (acoustical and electro-magnetic), add our 100’/30m HV cable & Ground cable reels for longer reach, and select from numerous MC connector type output cable terminations: elbows, clamps, grips, etc..