Oil/Fluid Dielectric Testers

DTS Series and DTS A Series

The DTS Series and the DTS A Series of Oil Dielectric Testers are designed to meet commonly followed world standards for testing the dielectric strength of insulating fluids. Several different oil cups and electrode designs are available to cover most world requirements. They are economical, rugged, reliable, and provide years of trouble-free service.

Both lines offer 0 – 60 kVac & 0 – 100 kVac models.

Oil DIelectric Test Sets - HVI

DTS Series

The DTS Series is the more economical model line and offers three pre-programmed, voltage rates-of-rise, with manual operation, and a breakdown voltage recording digital voltmeter.


DTS A Series

The DTS A Series is fully programmable and is automatic in operation, offering data capture and reporting, including a front panel thermal paper printer. Both models are suited for field or laboratory use.