UHV DC: 0-300 kVdc & 0-600 kVdc

PTS Series

The UHV DC Test Sets from HVI are available in two models: 0 – 300 kVdc and 0 – 600 kVdc. They are an extension of our standard PTS Series portable line of DC testers rated from 20 kVdc – 300 kVdc. The PTS Series of field-portable DC Hipot/Megohmmeter combination instruments offer two test sets in one and are rugged, reliable, and offes many design advantages over others. Both DC hipot (leakage current measurement testing) and Insulation Resistance testing can both be performed up to the full voltage rating of the model. It is ideal for field testing many types of medium and high voltage electrical apparatus, like switchgear, transformers, breakers, bushings, motors & generators, bucket trucks and more



  • 0-600 kVdc @ 3 mAdc & 5 mAdc


  • 0-300 kVdc @ 5 mAdc & 10 mAdc