VLF Cable Testing & Fault Locating Van Packages – Custom Designed for Your Needs

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SKD Series - Custom Van or Truck Mount Package

The SKD Series is the ideal product for those seeking a custom solution to their mobile needs for cable testing and fault locating. HVI produces all the testing and fault locating products needed for working on cable systems from 5 kVac to 138 kVac. Let HVI design and build a custom package to serve your specific needs and to fit into your truck or van.

The SKD Series integrates all the cable testing and fault locating products needed into one package designed for your vehicle needs.

Can include:

  • VLF 0.1 Hz. AC Hipot
  • VLF TD & PD measurement accessories
  • E-Link Testing and Data Reporting Software
  • Thumper/Surge Generator
  • TDR/Radar for pre-location
  • Acoustical & Magnetic Fault Pinpointer
  • Ω-Check ® Concentric Neutral Resistance Tester
  • DC or AC Hipot
  • 100’ (30m) HV and Ground cable reels

All or some of the above installed on a common aluminum base to be bolted into your van or truck: permanently or for in-and-out use when needed.