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Cable Diagnostic Testing

Cable testing spans a broad range of testing methods from the simple DC withstand test to 50/60Hz AC withstand with diagnostic capabilities. As the industry is trending away from DC tests such as DC withstand and insulation resistance due to the potentially damaging effects of the DC electric field and moving towards AC testing using power frequency or very low frequency (VLF) has allowed for assessment of the health of the cable system under test with diagnostic testing such as tan delta and partial discharge. Apart from insulation testing, other integrity tests are routinely performed, such as sheath testing, concentric neutral resistance testing, and cable fault location.

Here at High Voltage, Inc., one of our greatest accomplishments was the very low frequency (VLF) technology designed, developed, and patented by HVI. Both our VLF Series electro-mechanical and VLF E-Series solid-state VLF hipot test sets are designed to comply with global standards for VLF testing such as IEEE 400, 400.2, 433, VDE 0276, CENELEC HD 620/621, SANA 10198, NEN 3620, and IEC 60502-2. HVI also offers a full line of tan delta bridges and partial discharge detectors to add diagnostic testing capability. HVI is also unsurpassed in the areas of aftermarket support, customer service, and application knowledge.

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