Aerial Lift Testing

Aerial Lift Testing

The high voltage dielectric testing of aerial lifts is a critical application because the lift insulates workers from ground while they are working on or near high voltage cables and apparatus. This testing must be performed correctly by trained personnel using proper equipment and accepted methods like those described in the ANSI 92.2 standard. AC or DC may be used for field maintenance testing of fiberglass booms, liners, or buckets, while AC is required for factory certification or re-certification after a rebuild. Many use AC voltage rather than DC since it is AC voltage stress the truck and the worker are subjected to. However, AC hipots are more expensive and larger than DC hipots. The test voltages required depend on the class of the vehicle—A, B, or C.

High Voltage, Inc. offers a full line of AC and DC hipots for aerial lift testing per the ANSI 92.2 standard. The field portable ALT series offers voltages up to 300 kV AC, the shop-based HPA Series which offers voltages up to 300 kV, and the field portable PTS Series offers up to 600 kV DC. Our most popular models for lift testing are the ALT-120/60(F) for AC which offers the 60 kV @ 7 kVA side tap for proof testing bucket liners and the PTS-100U(F) for DC. High Voltage Inc.’s after-sale service, support, and application knowledge has made HVI the preferred vendor for aerial lift manufacturers and testing companies.

AC Dielectric Test Sets

DC Dielectric Test Sets