AC Testing High uF Loads with Parallel Resonant Technology

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Parallel Resonant AC Test Sets

The PAR Series of Parallel Resonant Test Sets offer the best alternative available for AC high voltage testing high capacitance loads, like large motors & generators, MV cables, large apparatus, iso phase bus, etc. These models are designed to provide a Variable Inductance Parallel Resonant high voltage source used to test very high capacitance loads. Through tuning the variable inductance of the high voltage reactor to match the capacitive reactance of the load, the apparent power required to test the load is nearly eliminated, greatly reducing the input power required from the test set and from the input lines. Models available from 8 kVac – 250 kVac @ 50 kVA – 300 kVA load and suitable for 50/60 Hz.

VLF - Alternate AC Method of Testing High uF Loads

The VLF Series & VLF E Series are 0.1 Hz. – 0.01 Hz. AC output hipots for testing very high capacitance loads, like MV/HV power cables and large rotating machinery, that would require hundreds of kVA of test power at 50/60 Hz. Models from 30 kVac – 200 kVac and load rated from 0.1 uF – 50 uF.