Aerial Lift Testers: Booms, Liners & Fluids

ALT-300 in action

AC & DC Dielectric Test Sets

HVI provides the world with many AC and DC high voltage output aerial lift test sets. Our ALT-120/60 is the world’s preferred AC test set and the PTS-100U is the top selling DC voltage tester. Also available are other models, both AC and DC, for testing all class sizes of lift trucks. In addition, several specialty models are offered for factory and field testing of liners, and Oil/Fluid Dielectric testers. Many of the AC models are also well suited for AC Withstand testing substation apparatus and other equipment.

ALT Series: AC Dielectric Test Sets

The ALT Series, designed for testing Aerial Lift devices, or Bucket Trucks, are among the fullest featured, most powerful offered, and extremely popular worldwide AC testers.  The three models are rated for 7 kVA with voltage ratings of 120/60 kVac, 210/50 kVac, & 300 kVac.  Two of the models are designed for liner testing as well as booms, offering lower voltage, yet full kVA output taps. The three ALT Series models are versatile, mobile, and rugged dielectric testers also perfect for testing other apparatus, like iso-phase bus, switchgear, generators, linemen tools,and other high capacitance loads needing an AC Withstand test.

ALT-210/50 Aerial Lift Tester

This model is designed for testing booms up to 210 kVac and offers a 50 kVac output tap for liner and other apparatus testing, like rubber gloves, hot sticks, etc.

0 - 300 kVac @ 7 kVA Standard Model

Standard models are available to 300 kVac @ 7 kVA. (pictured)

Other HVI Aerial Lift Testing Products

The PTS Series of DC output voltage hipots for boom and liner testing are often used. The model PTS-100U, rated 0 – 100 kVdc @ 10 mA is the biggest DC voltage seller worldwide. This model offers many advantages over all others, especially when use for testing aerial lifts.

HPA Series of Higher Power AC Testers up to 40 kVA

The HPA Series of AC output models are designed for applications needing more kVA of power to AC test higher capacitance loads. For liner testing, the 0 – 50 kVac @ 10 kVA test set, pictured, is the ideal model available.

DTS Series: Oil/Fluid Dielectric Test Set

The DTS Series of Oil Dielectric testers are available for the testing insulating oils, like the hydraulic fluids used in the booms.