PFT Series – AC High Voltage Dielectric Test Set

0 – 50 kV AC Power Frequency AC Hipot

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Features and Benefits


The PFT Series of portable AC hipot test sets are ideal for a variety of field and repair shop testing applications. These inexpensive, compact and light weight units are rugged and reliable. Our 3 kVA models feature capacitive load compensation enabling full load testing with a power draw of 1.5 kVA while operating from a conventional line input.*


These units are well suited for testing overhead apparatus, vacuum bottles and interrupters, switch gear, bus duct, motorized vacuum switches, reclosers, bushings, fuses and arrestors, linemans safety products, small transformers, electrical components and motors.

For AC cable testing, we offer a variety of Very Low Frequency AC hipots that are well suited for testing long cable lengths. Please contact our sales office for more information on cable testing applications.

Control Features

Control features on our 3 kVA models include a dual range kilovoltmeter and triple range output current meter. All of our units feature continuously adjustable output voltage control, external safety interlock, zero start safety interlock, self resetting over current protection, guard/ground return mode, HV on/off and main power pushbuttons and ruggedized meters with glass windows that eliminate static buildup.

An optional fault burning mode is available for our 3 kVA models and for increased portability, a hand cart option is available for the PFT-1003CM.


We offer four single piece, shielded output cable models: PFT-103CM, PFT-301CM, PFT-303CM and PFT-503CM. A two piece 100kV model PFT-1003CM with a top toroid termination (no output cable) is also available. In addition, we offer an ALT-120/60 that is specialized for Aerial Lift and Bucket Truck testing applications and suitable for general AC high voltage testing applications. Custom models are available from 10kVac to 300kVac output.


PFT Model Specifications
PFT-301CM PFT-103CM PFT-303CM PFT-503CM PFT-1003CM
Input: 120V, 60 Hz, 10A
or 230V, 50/60 Hz, 5A
120 V, 60 Hz, 15A, or 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 8A
HV Output 0-30 kVac, 1kVA resistive load
33 mA current
0-10 kVac, 1kVA resistive load
3 kVA capacitive load
Up to 300 mA current
0-30 kVac, 1kVA resistive load
3 kVA capacitive load
Up to 100 mA current
0-50 kVac, 1kVA resistive load
3 kVA capacitive load
Up to 60 mA current
0-100 kVac, 1 kVA resistive load
3 kVA capacitive load
Up to 30 mA current
Ground Current: 2.5 mA 1.0 mA 14 mA 20 mA 2 mA
*3 kVA output power is only available with a capacitive load sized to draw 3 kVA at full rated output.
Available output current decreases with other loads.
Output Termination: 20 ft. (6m) long shielded output cable
with alligator clamp and hook for test connections
Top Toroid
(No output cable)
Duty: 1kVA, 1 hour ON,
1 hour OFF
700VA: continuous
3kVA: 1 hour ON, 1 hour OFF
1kVA: continuous
Distortion: <5%
Meter Accuracy: 2% F.S.
Distortion: Less than 5%
Kilovolt Meter: 3.5 inch
Scaled 0-30 kVac
3.5 inch
Scaled 0-5/10 kVac
3.5 inch
Scaled 0-12/30 kVac
3.5 inch
Scaled 0-25/50 kVac
3.5 inch
Scaled 0-50/100 kVac
Current Meter: 3.5 inch
Scaled 0-40 mAac
3.5 inch
Scaled 0-3.0 mAac
with x1, x10 x100 Range
3.5 inch
Scaled 0-1.0 mAac, with x1, x10, x100 Range Multiplier
17” w x 11.5” d x 14” h
431 mm w x 292 mm d
x 365 mm h
21” w x 11.25” d x 15.25” h
533 mm w x 286 mm d x 387 mm h
H.V. Tank
High Voltage Tank included in controls 13” w x 13” d x 22” h
330 mm w x 330 mm d x 559 mm h
Weight: 45 lbs. (20kg) 62 lbs. (28kg) 75 lbs. (34kg) 75 lbs. (34kg) Control–35 lbs. (16kg)
HV Tank–85 lbs. (39kg)
Note: For 230 volt line input, an F is suffixed to the model number


Models below 100 kVac are single piece units with a shielded cable output for fast and easy test setup. The PFT-103CM, PFT-303CM, PFT-503CM, and PFT-1003CM are compensated enabling testing of 3 kVA loads with a power draw of 1.5 kVA and operate from a conventional electrical source*. In addition, these units include a dual range kilovolt meter, triple range output current meter and a guard/ground return mode enabling the operator to measure the total current to ground or only the current flowing through the sample under test.