TDR-1669CI - HVI


Arc Reflection Radar

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Features and Benefits

Radar Engineers Model 1670 is a portable Time Domain Reflectometer (“cable radar”) from Radar Engineers specially designed for use with thumpers connected to an arc reflection filter for “pre-locating” high resistance (pinhole) faults in buried primary power cables. This product integrates seamlessly with the CDS Series and the VT-33 thumper for pre-locating faults using the arc reflection method.

The 1670 also locates low resistance faults, splices, and opens on a stand-alone basis. Digital radar captures and holds the fault trace at the instant of the thump. Software then automatically positions a marker at the fault, and the distance to the fault is indicated on the screen. Model 1670 is also packaged in a rugged weather resistant plastic case and can be bolted to most hand trucks.


  • Field portable
  • Durable Pelican-style case
  • Large 10.5″ sunlight-readable LCD display
  • Arc reflection method
  • Current pulse method (Optional)
  • 3∅ comparison and difference
  • Automatic cursor placement
  • Built in memory to save waveforms
  • RS232 serial port to download data to PC


Power: 115/230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Modes: Arc reflection
Current impulse (optional) Direct L 1
3 Ø comparison and difference
Display: 10.5″ diagonal color LCD display, sunlight readable
Velocity Factor: 25.0% – 99.9%
Markers: Two movable vertical markers measure the distance between any two points; distance readout continually updated
Resolution: ≈3 feet or 0.4% of selected range
Zoom: For ranges 3,000 feet and above
Memory: 30 waveform memories
Pulse Width: Automatically increases with range
Range: TDR: 500 – 48,000 feet
CI: 1,500 -200,000 feet (metric measurement available)
Serial Port: RS232 port for computer interface
Size & Weight:
(W x D x H)
16.25 x 13 x 6.75 in., 15 lb.
41 x 33 x 17 cm, 7 kg
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