Diagnostic testing for cables rated to 35kV

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Input: Two Alkaline “D” cell batteries required – Four supplied
rechargeable “D” cell batteries acceptable – Not included
Metering: Voltage: 1-65kVp(46kVrms), ±1% Accuracy, 0.1kV Resolution
Current: 0-150mAp(106mArms), ±1% Accuracy, 1uA Resolution
Tan Delta: 0.1Hz -0.01Hz, 5nF-10uF, 1.0 x 10-₄ Accuracy, 1.0 x
10-₅ Resolution
PC Interface: XBee 802.15.4 (wireless, ~30ft range)
PC Software: E-Link remote control and report generation software
Interconnect Cables: 88-5061 – 20ft/6.1m VLF output cable for use with V:F-34E
81-552 – 20ft/6.1m VLF output cable for use with VLF-65E
(Sold Separately)
Included Cables: 10ft/3m TD output lead terminated with red banana clip,
20ft/6.1m green/yellow test lead, 2in/51mm x 5in/127mm
toroid, 1 1/2in/38mm aluminum ball with banana socket
Size: TD Transducer w/ Tripod: 7in/152mm x 8in/203mm x
18in/457mm TD Carrying Case: 22.5in/572mm x 15in/381mm
x 11.75in/298mm

Condition Assessment Criteria

*All numerals are 10-₃ per Section 5, Tables 4 & 5 of IEEE 400.2-2013


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