DVR-150 - 1-150 kV AC/DC Divider

HV AC/DC Divider

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Features and Benefits

The DVR-150 is HVI’s 150 kV precision divider that functions as a probe for your oscilloscope or multimeter. Designed with a precision resistor / capacitor network, it provides a low voltage output signal proportional to the applied high voltage. The low-end impedance is switch selectable between 1 MOhm and 10 MOhm, to match your measuring device. Suitable for DC or AC (up to 1 kHz sinusoidal) measurements. Perfect for in-house high voltage calibrations, no external power source required. This divider is not designed for impulse or square wave applications. A reusable shipping case is an available option for the DVR-150.


Voltage Range: 1-150 kV DC or AC to 1 kHz sinusoidal
Output: 1 V per 1 kV applied (1000:1 ratio)
Divider Accuracy: ±0.5%, -14 to 104° F, -10 to 40° C
Input Resistance: 715 MΩ
Input Capacitance: 96.3 pF
Cable Length: 25 ft. (7.6 m) RG 58/U coaxial cable
Divider Termination: 13 in. (330 mm) diameter spinning
Size & Weight:
(W x D x H)
13 x 13 x 24.5 in., 20 lb.
330 x 330 x 622 mm, 9 kg

Optional Accessories

Reusable Shipping Case – PN32-066

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