PFT Series - AC High Voltage Dielectric Test Set

0 – 30 kV AC Power Frequency AC Hipot

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Features and Benefits

The PFT-303CM and PFT-303CMF are from our popular PFT Series of field portable AC hipot test sets. These hipots provide continuously adjustable AC voltage used for a pass/fail, AC over-voltage withstand test on high voltage apparatus, like switchgear, circuit breakers, reclosers, vacuum bottles, hot sticks, bus duct, and any other apparatus needing an AC test voltage. The PFT Series offers the most field portable, affordable, and easiest to operate AC hipots at this voltage and power. A gapped core transformer for up to 3 kVA of output power with the draw of only 1.5 kVA so the hipot can be powered by a standard 120Vac or 230Vac input. Equipped with a two-range voltmeter, three-range current meter and guard circuit for precise leakage current measurements. For bench-top requirements see the ABT Series. Testing loads that require higher power, see our ALT, FPA, HPA and PAR lines of AC dielectric test sets.

  • Convenient one-piece field portable design
  • Secondary connected 2 Range Voltmeter: 0 – 15 / 30 kV AC
  • 3 Range Current Meter: 0 – 1 mA AC with x1, x10, and x100 multipliers
  • Fixed overload set to 120% of variable transformer rated output current
  • Transit protected meters prevent meter damage between test sites
  • Guard/Ground circuit for accurate leakage current measurement
  • 20 ft shielded output and return cables
  • Gapped core transformer design for capacitive load compensation
  • Zero Start and External safety Interlock provisions


Input: (PFT-303CM) 120 V, 60 Hz, 15 A
(PFT-303CMF) 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 8 A
Output: 0-30 kV AC, 1 kVA resistive load:
3 kVA capacitive load, up to 100 mA current
Output current is reduced at lower voltages
Duty: 3 kVA: 1 hour ON, 1 hour OFF
1.5 kVA: continuous
Voltmeter: 3.5”, scaled 0-15/30 kV AC, ±2% F.S.
Current Meter: 3.5”, scaled 0-1 mA, ±2% F.S. with range multipliers
of x1, x10, x100 guard/ground load return
Distortion: Less than 5%
Size & Weight: (W x D x H) 21 x 11.25 x 15.25 in., 75 lb.
534 x 286 x 387 mm, 34 kg
Output Termination: 20 ft. (6 m) shielded output cable with alligator clamp
Scope of Supply: 20ft black ground lead, 20ft shielded return cable, external interlock plug, operations manual, calibration certificate

Optional Accessories

Hand & Foot Safety Switches

  • PN 90-410
  • PN 90-405

Reusable Shipping Case

  • PN 32-0392

Safety Ground Sticks

  • 14 inch PN 88-150
  • 10 inch PN 88-113

Optional Upgrades

  • Digital Metering – Add Suffix “D”
  • Fault Burn Reactor – Add Suffix “B”

Additional Information

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