Cable Fault Locators

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Features and Benefits

With its 20 kV output, the CDS-2010U(F) is good for fault locating cables rated up to 35 kV with a line to ground voltage of 20 kV. The high burn current of 400 mA can be used to condition a fault to reduce its arc overvoltage to permit thumping at a lower and less damaging voltage level, still at full energy. The CDS-2010U can thump a cable at just 5 kV while delivering 1000 joules. Find your fault without creating the next one.


  • Constant energy, three output voltage taps at full energy
  • Fully variable hipot output on all voltage taps
  • TDR-ready, arc-reflection and current pulse methods
  • Built in high voltage coupler for TDR interconnect
  • Variable discharge rate
  • High burn currents
  • Portable, hand truck mounted


Input: 120 V, 60 Hz, 20 A
(F) 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 10 A
Hipot Output: 0 – 5/10/20 kV DC
Hipot Burn Current: 400/200/100 mA @ 5/10/20 kV output settings
Discharge Output: 1000 J at each output voltage when 100% 1
Discharge Rate: 6 – 10 seconds
TDR Interface: Internal – arc reflection and current impulse
Size & Weight:
(W x D x H)
27 x 27 x 48 in., 260 lb.
686 x 686 x 1219 mm, 118 kg
Output Termination: 50′ HV EPR, return, and ground
EPR output cable remains flexible in cold weather
Other Features: Rugged, transit protected meters
External interlock
Emergency OFF mushroom switch
Internal heater to limit condensation

1. This model can discharge 1000 J at only 5 kV.