Network Systems Thumper

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Features and Benefits

The CDS-3616U(F) is ideal for network systems or other fault locating scenarios where cables rated up to 69 kV, oil-insulated cables, and/or long cable lengths prevail. The powerful 1600 joule pulse makes fault location easier using acoustical and electromagnetic detection devices. With 280 mA of burn current, faults can be rapidly reduced to low voltage levels, permitting thumping at lower and less damaging voltage levels. The CDS-3616U can thump at 9 kV, 18 kV, or 36 kV while delivering 1600 joules.


  • Constant energy, three output voltage taps at full energy
  • Fully variable hipot output on all voltage taps
  • TDR-ready, arc-reflection and current pulse methods
  • Built in high voltage coupler for TDR interconnect
  • Variable discharge rate
  • High burn currents
  • Thumper equipped with 10’/3 m output cable with MC connection to reel
  • Rugged, transit protected meters
  • External interlock
  • Emergency OFF mushroom switch
  • Plexiglass viewing panel for positive ground indication
  • Internal heater to limit condensation


Input: 120 V, 60 Hz, 25 A
(F) 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 15 A
Hipot Output: 0 – 9/18/36 kV DC
Hipot Burn Current: 280/140/70 mA @ 9/18/36 kV output settings
Discharge Output: 1600 J at each output voltage when 100 %
Discharge Rate: 6 – 10 seconds
TDR Interface: Internal – arc reflection and current impulse
Size & Weight:
(W x D x H)
24 x 29 x 44.5 in. (30” w with cable reel), 375 lb.
635 x 737 x 1130 mm, 170 kg
Output Termination: 100’/30 m HV, return, and ground cables
Cable Reels (optional): 100’/30 m HV and return cable reel
100/30 m ground cable reel