PTS-37.5, PTS-37.5F5, and PTS-37.5F6

DC Hipot and Megohmmeter—Two Tests in One Portable Package

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Features and Benefits

The PTS-37.5, PTS-37.5F5, and PTS-37.5F6 are CE marked DC hipot and megohmmeter in one convenient package for testing the dielectric strength and insulation resistance of electric insulation such as cable, switchgear, motors, transformer, insulators, generators, and other electrical apparatus.


  • Continuously adjustable output voltage
  • Fixed overload, factory set to 120% of rated output current
  • Zero start and external interlock provision
  • Dual-range voltmeter
  • Five-range current meter 0-1.0 μA DC with x1, x10, x100, x1k, and x10k multipliers
  • Five-range megohmmeter 100-1 MΩ with x0.1, x1, x10, x100, and x1k multipliers
  • Ferro-resonant line regulator for output voltage stabilization
  • Guard/ground return circuit
  • Automatic transit protected meters
  • Rugged case with cushion grips
  • Transit protected meters


Input: PTS-37.5 – 120Vac, 60Hz, 10A
PTS-37.5F5 – 230Vac, 50Hz, 5A
PTS-37.5F6 – 230Vac, 60Hz, 5A
+/-1% input voltage regulator 1,2
Output: 0 – 37.5 kV DC @ 10 mA, negative polarity, positive ground
Duty: Continuous capacitive charging
Voltmeter: 3.5″, scaled 0 – 15/37.5 kV DC, ±2% F.S.
Current Meter: 3.5″, scaled 0 – 1.0 μAdc, ±2% F.S. with multipliers of x 1, x 10, x 100, x 1 k, x 10 k
Guard/ground load return
Megohmmeter: Scaled 100 -1 MΩ with multipliers of x 0.1, x 1, x 10, x 100, x 1 k
Size & Weight:
(W x D x H)
14 x 11 x 14 in., 50 lb.
356 x 279 x 356 mm, 23 kg
Output Termination: 20 ft. (6 m) shielded output cable with alligator clamp
Accessories: 20 ft. (6 m) return lead with alligator clamp
20 ft. (6 m) ground lead with alligator clamp
10 ft. (3 m) input line cord
Ground stick with 20 ft. (6 m) lead and clamp

1.) Due to the ferro-resonant designed input voltage regulator, if an inverter is used for the voltage source, it must produce a “true sine wave” output, not a “modified sine wave” (square wave).
2.) This model is input frequency sensitive: either 50 Hz or 60 Hz. Please specify when ordering.