SDAD Super Directional Acoustic Detector

The SDAD from Aquatronics is an acoustic and magnetic/ballistic detector used in conjunction with a cable fault locator/thumper to help quickly isolate faults in underground primary cables. The SDAD’s main features are direction to fault to help you get to the failure faster, ballistic impulse bar graph to keep you on the cable path, and depth indication after you have located the fault.

SDAD brochure

X35 Electro-Magnetic Field Analyzer

The X35 from Technology Enhancement Corporation is designed to detect the impulse for a high voltage primary cable fault locator/thumper and display these impulses on its LCD screen while fault locating on a network system to pinpoint where the fault is between two manholes.

X35 brochure


Cable reel with 100 ft of high voltage output cable terminated with an MC connector and 100 ft of ground cable terminated every 10 ft for ground connection.